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The best way 
to find yourself is 
to lose yourself 
in the service 
of others

Welcome my Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting my website. Great that you found your way here. Have fun!

My name is Michèle Pascale and I am the Director and Owner of this company MP ONEONONE Your Spiritual Life Coach For Change & Transition. My Consultancy and Training are global, online and made to measure for Private Clients whereby I combine Business, Science & Spirituality. My core business is Transformational Coaching with additional services which you can find in the several MP Divisions.

You can have a MP ONEONONE service via Skype or phone from wherever you are in the world! An individual service can be scheduled any time any place so my timetable is flexible. You can compare your time zone with mine here.  
I have almost 20 years of experience in Management, Business Consultancy and training people on the job. Between 2009-2010 I online coached and trained people Pro Deo on a personal level in preparation of this online company which I launched March 2011 to coach, consult and train on a global level.

Find more about me, my former career and education under MP Background.

At the moment you can choose from 11 different Sessions (1st Session incl. Life Assessment), 10 After Care Packages (ACP’s), 1 Webinar/Workshop (incl. Chakras Assessment) and 1 stand alone Assessment. Especially for men there is Instant Man Consulting for private issues, to energise and balance you can treat yourself on an extravagant live Chakras Meditation and for the ones who seek for open advice there is the division of Open Counseling available. My division Psychic Healing is for people with a mental or physical disease and in my latest division you can find attractive and affordable Programs. See MP Services to get all the details. I also invite you to watch my accompanying videos to each division.

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Should you have any questions I am happy to receive your Message.

I am looking forward to working with you!

MP ONEONONE is a coaching/consulting business that guides you on your path or helps in times of need. Should you have any symptoms which may require diagnosis or medical attention I advise you to see your Physician. All of MP ONEONONE’s services and its communication fall under a pledge of secrecy and are thus absolutely confidential.  

Certificated Personal Coach Business & Health

Certified International Life Coach

Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP®

Certificated Trainer Stress Management

Certificated Trainer for Managers

Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach

Certified Weight Loss Master Coach

Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner

Certified Usui Reiki Master

Certificated Trainer Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Certificated Trainer Autogenic Training

Certificated in: Pedagogics; Hypnosis; … See

Psychologist, Spec. ESP

Communication Scientist, Spec. CMS

IT Specialist Marketing Informatics, Spec. DBM

See further MP EDU-OLOGY


Dr. Michèle Pascale